Top Chicken Producer Introduces GAP-Certified Line


June 2017: #6 chicken producer in the US, Wayne Farms, launched its first line to be certified under Global Animal Partnership (GAP) welfare standards, NAKED TRUTH™. A growing list of top restaurants and brands, deemed the “Class of 2024,” have already committed to achieving these standards, which include giving birds more space and enrichments, improving lighting, and ending breeding for rapid growth, in their supply chains by 2024.

Wayne Farms’ new line will also employ controlled-atmosphere stunning, a killing method that is widely considered less cruel than current practices, and third-party verification of these standards.

As millions of consumers demand better treatment of chickens killed for food, Wayne Farms “recognized a need for foodservice and retail customers to compete sooner versus later for those consumers who want product grown under the GAP animal welfare rating system.”

While poultry giants like Perdue and Wayne Farms have begun taking steps to address the inherent cruelty in today’s chicken industry, #1 producer Tyson Foods is dragging its feet by ignoring the issue that causes the most suffering for chickens: rapid growth. Every year, billions of birds are bred to grow so fast, so quickly, that they often can no longer walk by the time they reach slaughter age at approximately 45 days old. Urge Tyson to end this suffering by signing our petition today