Tyson, Others to End Cruel Practice of “Nose Boning”


chicken boning tyson

On the heels of an Animal Outlook (then Compassion Over Killing) investigation of several Tyson Foods chicken breeding farms, which offered the first hidden-camera look at the cruel practice of “boning” – in which a dull plastic rod is stabbed through the nostrils of young male breeder birds to restrict food intake – Tyson announced that it was immediately ending the practice.

Following discussions with Animal Outlook, Perdue, Wayne Farms, and House of Raeford also committed to stop “boning” at breeder farms. The cruel practice is set to end as more than half of the top 20 poultry producers in the U.S. have confirmed that they do not use or are phasing out “nose bones.”

Meanwhile, Animal Outlook continues to urge Tyson to address the root of the problem–that breeder birds are genetically manipulated to grow unnaturally obese so quickly that they must be starved in order to survive to sexual maturity.