Churning out rapidly-growing broiler birds is standard practice used by the chicken industry to produce cheap meat at the cost of animal welfare.
For far too long, the chicken industry has operated without public scrutiny — and the animals and consumers are paying the price. But now…people are fed up and demanding change.
According to recent studies, 94 percent of consumers are very concerned about farm animal welfare, and 29 million Americans report they are mostly vegan or vegetarian.

“After years of designing fatter birds, food companies are finally realizing chickens shouldn’t grow so fast.”

Chicken Industry Progress


Compassion Over Killing Footage Prompts Groundbreaking Cruelty Convictions for Broiler Breeders

August 2017: In a groundbreaking series of cases prompted by Compassion Over Killing’s undercover footage from several Tyson Foods broiler breeder facilities in Virginia, nine former Tyson employees have been convicted on 22 counts of cruelty to animals. These convictions–.. Read more.


Top Chicken Producer Introduces GAP-Certified Line

June 2017: #6 chicken producer in the US, Wayne Farms, launched its first line to be certified under Global Animal Partnership (GAP) welfare standards, NAKED TRUTH™. A growing list of top restaurants and brands, deemed the “Class of 2024,” have.. Read more.


Corporate Changes for Chickens

November 2016 and beyond: Consumers have turned to their favorite restaurants and brands, urging them to make meaningful changes for birds. These major companies are listening up and shaping the next wave of changes for broilers in the chicken industry... Read more.


“Boning” Gets the Boot

On the heels of a Compassion Over Killing investigation of several Tyson Foods broiler breeder farms, which offered the first hidden-camera look at the cruel practice of “boning” – in which a dull plastic rod is stabbed through the nostrils.. Read more.


Industry Giant Announces Reforms

Perdue, the fourth-largest chicken producer in the US, committed to several improvements for its flocks, including providing natural lighting and perches and reducing stocking densities. Perdue also planned to transition to controlled-atmosphere killing, a widely used slaughter method in the.. Read more.


Setting New Standards

The Global Animal Partnership (GAP), together with Whole Foods, committed to breeding for slower growth, enrichments such as natural lighting and perches on farms, and increasing space for birds in its standards. National Geographic ran the headline, “The Next Step.. Read more.

“I am not a vegetarian for the sake of my health, but for the health of the chickens.”
– Isaac Bashevis Singer
The world is changing for broiler birds. Become a part of the solution!

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