The chicken industry has petitioned the USDA to increase already dangerously fast slaughter line speeds in order to line its own pockets. Stop this misguided proposal: Submit your comment to the USDA today!


Deadline: December 13

Become a part of the monumental changes sweeping the chicken industry!
Here are 3 more easy ways you can take action right now.

1. Taking on Tyson: Sign & Share

In 2016, a Compassion Over Killing investigation of several Tyson Foods broiler chicken breeder farms exposed the cruel practice of “boning” – in which a dull plastic rod is stabbed through the nostrils of young male breeder birds to restrict food intake.

Tyson announced that it was immediately ending the practice, but has yet to address why this practice was implemented in the first place: Birds are bred to grow so unnaturally large so quickly that the company must starve them to keep them alive to sexual maturity.

Compassion Over Killing’s petition urges Tyson to stop starving breeder birds by ending genetic manipulation for fast, unnatural growth. The petition has garnered over 130,000 signatures. It only takes a few seconds, please let your voice be heard by signing our petition today!

Sign & Share COK’s petition

2. Try Veg!

Many veggie meats, which are made entirely from plants, taste just like chicken – without the cruelty or cholesterol. In fact, New York Times food writer and author Mark Bittman said Beyond Meat‘s chicken-free strips “fooled me badly in a blind tasting.”

Plant-based eating spares birds and other farmed animals from spending their lives on dark, cramped factory farms before a violent death at the slaughterhouse – and can lower your risk of heart disease, stroke, and diabetes.

Join the millions of people who are trying out vegan eating! Visit TryVeg for free and delicious chickenless recipes and tips!